Heather (Radawski) Saker

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Painting for Emma. Born April17th 2008



"..in a stony sleep....

In a horrible dreamful slumber

like the linked infernal chain

a cast spine writhed in torment

upon the winds, shooting pain

ribs, like a bending cavern

and bones of solidness froze

over all his nerves of joy....."

Sir William Blake


channeling jodorowsky

" Do you know how I see the world? Like a person who is dying.
It's a worm who is dying to make a butterfly.
We must not stop the worm from dying, we must help the worm to die to help the butterfly to be born.
We need to dance with death.
This world is dying, but very well.
We will make a big, big enormous butterfly.
You and I will be the first movements in the wings of the butterfly because we are speaking like this."

~ ~ Alejandro Jodorowsky


If men had wings.....


First Video

Click here to watch 1 min video.
(don't forget your speakers/headphones...
big thank you to Fripp & Eno)


Ok, so I made my first Quicktime movie yesterday afternoon using my Canon Powershot.
I even found free webhosting at Ourmedia.org thanks to info I got from Freevlog.org. I'm still trying to get around a few bugs in their system, so the video feed is yet to come.....but, hey, it's free, so I'm not complaining yet. Hopefully it will be up and running in no time.